Tuesday, January 6, 2009


A friend of mine stopped in for drinks at Seven on Hennepin avenue last summer before seeing a show downtown. Though a little on the pricey side, the drinks are very well made and the atmosphere is beyond posh.

The drinks hadn't yet arrived and he could not stand the humiliation of having to leave a theater to drop the kids off at the pool, so he took a trip to the Seven restrooms for a much needed pit stop.

The bathroom was dimly lit, setting a sensual mood. Set up in a corridor-like style, it stretched about 7 feet long and spanned about 4 feet wide. The stalls are built with floor to ceiling doors effectively blocking sound as well as concealing the style of your footwear so as not to be identified as the pooper when re-entering the restaurant. The toilet paper provided is a soft, plush, absorbent two-ply, very pleasurable to wipe with. The air was filled with the soft lazy humming of a bathroom fan, like a mother's lullaby, muffling any embarrassing sounds. To complete the experience, a well dressed gentleman waits for you by the door with a soft clean towel to dry your hands before returning to your table.

James's Rating; 8.8/10

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Warren Tavern.

While visiting my family for the holidays I had a delightful meal and the best Bloody Mary in recent memory at The Warren Tavern in historic Charlestown, MA. The almost cabin-like tavern reeks of history and really good mashed potatoes and is the perfect spot for a cold beer or a hot plate of shepherd's pie.

Naturally, in this historic building, which was the hangout of such American greats as Paul Revere and George Washington, I had to poop where they once had.

The bathroom is small, barely accommodating two stalls and a rather tiny sink. Though i am certain the technology has advanced since the time of the founding fathers, this restroom does not seem to have kept up. Patrons are in uncomfortably close proximity to each other both while using the restroom and waiting in line to do so. All sounds seem to be amplified in this tiny space lit by harsh fluorescent ceiling lamps. However small and poorly lit, the bathroom is quite clean.

I would not recommend this as a poop spot for the faint of heart, only for those who are experienced, and somewhat shameless, like myself. However, because i tend to enjoy a sense of danger when i poop, i rather like the conditions at the Warren Tavern.

Rating: 5/10

The Warren Tavern

The Bad Waitress.

On Monday, January 5th, I enjoyed an omelet and a beer with friends at The Bad Waitress Diner on Eat Street in Minneapolis. The atmosphere is a fun mixture of bad ass biker and pinup retro and the food is sensational.

After finishing my spinach, mushroom, and brie omelet, i felt the call of duty.

This bathroom had all of the characteristics that create a top notch public pooping experience. The single-toilet restroom was dimly lit and decorated in an almost Tuscan style with earth tones and mosaic tiles. Sink and mirror placement was ideal, kitty-corner to the toilet so that you do not have to look at yourself while in action. The toilet itself was rose colored and spotlessly clean. Toilet paper was fully stocked, with extra rolls within easy reach. Because the diner was not crowded, there was no one in line for the bathroom or waiting outside the door, providing discomfort and pressure. The space was large enough for effective dissipation of smell, and air freshening spray was also provided.

Rating: 8.5/10
Cudos, Bad Waitress.

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