Friday, March 12, 2010

The CU, Waterloo Iowa

While enjoying a relaxing weekend away with friends in Cedar Falls, Iowa, we took a trip down the road to neighboring Waterloo for an evening of drinks and merriment. This is not the kind of restaurant one would expect to find in Middle of Nowhere, Iowa, let me tell you. The atmosphere is romantic, quiet, and intimate (which was immediately disrupted by myself, my friends, and our company). The food is exquisite, with a large variety of dishes on the menu, and the cocktails are to die for. Have a German Chocolate, or two, or three while you're there.

I could not have visited such a high class establishment without pooping. The restroom is a single, which was a good choice for a small scale venue with minimal patron traffic. There on a Saturday night, I experienced no wait for the restroom and no one standing outside to pressure me while I was performing. The space is well decorated, painted red with slate grey tiles and adorned with fine art by Picasso and Monet. A lovely cherry wood table with a fragrant floral arrangement is set up directly across from the toilet, providing the perfect space to leave one's coat or purse, and the perfect cover of any undesirable and lingering odor.

The toilet paper is basic two ply, which always knocks off a point in my book, but they truly redeem themselves with the foaming soap at their white pedestal sink. This restroom could definitely benefit from a full-length mirror, but this is one of very few setbacks to this lovely space.

The CU Restaurant, Waterloo, IA
rating: 8/10