Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rock Bottom Brewery

At the request of many friends, family members, and co-workers, i am writing a review of Rock Bottom Minneapolis.

Let me begin by saying that the food is great, the beer is better, and the atmosphere is tops. This restaurant has the talent of providing a fantastic family dining experience, as well as a fun bar night with music, pool, and games.

If only the bathrooms could share this glowing review.

When first entering the ladies room you are blasted in the face with an unpleasant burst of air coming from the ceiling vent. The bathroom is tiled in red on the floor and half way up the walls, creating a cavernous echo effect, which amplifies the natural sounds that one could possibly be making during their upcoming intestinal release.

The restroom is separated into four stalls, one of which is handicap accessible. This is usually the stall of choice for a pooper, however, the toilet seat was loose, which was startling to say the least when i sat down. I quickly moved stalls and began the process. The bathroom itself is cold, uninviting, and awkwardly quiet, as the music in the restaurant is not piped into the bathroom. The pooper lives in fear of being walked in on, for in this all-too-personal space, nothing is sacred and all noises are heard. Two of the bathroom stalls are partially missing locks- succeeding in securing the door, but leaving a lock-sized peep hole through which to be exposed to any unsuspecting passers by. However, advertisements of upcoming Rock Bottom events provide for pleasurable reading to pass the time.

The toilet paper is two-ply, which is a plus, but not plush by any means. The sinks are very temperature-sensitive, so one must be very careful not to scald themselves while using the hot water. There are 4 mirrors and a small sinkless vanity to provide a space to gussy up without being in the way of hand washers. The towel dispensers are motion activated, and the bathroom door opens out into the hallway, eliminating the need to touch a door handle when exiting.

All in all this is a classic bar bathroom. It is often dirty, crowded, and full of unusual smells.

Rating: 4.5/10