Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Let me introduce myself...

Hello! My name is Lucy, the newest contributor to the Poop Spot. I'm very happy to be here.

My qualifications are vast, as I regularly use public bathrooms and seriously enjoy a clean, well-lit vestibule with quality 2+ ply paper and a good amount of privacy. This last sentiment is very personal to me, as I suffer from paruresis (or shy bladder, to the layperson). I've been affected by this terrible illness since my high school years, and no amount of plugging my ears or humming to myself ever seems to help. My favorite commodes are surrounded by floor-to-ceiling walls with limited echo and maximum anonymity.

Another reason why I love a good bathroom is that I believe I've experienced some of the worst toilets in the world - southeast Asian toilets. I spent a year teaching and traveling around China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. And let me tell ya, now I can pop a squat ANYWHERE, given that it's quiet and I'm completely alone. Now, the "Western toilet" (Asians say with a sneer) has never looked better to me. I am looking forward to having an outlet to judge them regularly! (See, my toilet humor has already started.)


Welcome, Lucy!

Hello, Blogosphere! I'd like to welcome a brand new contributor to The Poop Spot, Lucy! She'll be updating us from beautiful Denver Colorado. So, stay tuned, and book that long awaited tour-de-poop spots, because we're gonna have some doosies for ya.