Saturday, December 10, 2011

Toilet Paper Crafts!

On a tight budget this Holiday season? Let The Poop Spot help you out with "Toilet Paper Crafts"

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Holiday Toilet Tips

Happy Thanksgiving, poopers! On this special day, when food is the focus, the toilet is everyone's final destination. If you're hosting, this means that your bathroom needs as much attention as your dining room. Here are some tips for keeping this oft-overlooked room as tasteful as the rest of your home:

Keep the door lightly closed. Not all the way, of course, so people know that it isn't in use. But no one likes walking past the bathroom and catching a waft of Grandma's movement, especially if you'd like to retain your appetite.

Stock extra rolls of T.P. You wouldn't want to be stuck at your boyfriend's step-sister's uncle's house, screaming for another roll of tissue to any random relative walking past. Limited embarrassment is the name of the game here.

Don't spray it. Aerosol spray cans are not only tacky, but bad for the environment. They also rarely smell good to everyone. It's also painfully obvious that you've just dropped a deuce when the whole bathroom smells like baby powder and springtime mountains. Instead, a decorative bowl of some pungent potpourri will do the trick. Lemon has been rated as the most attractive scent - put one cup of straight lemon juice in a bowl and leave it on the counter for a pleasing fragrance. Cedar chips also do wonders. If you have the counter space, a fresh floral arrangement can often be all you need.

Don't neglect the linens. A soggy hand towel is offensive. There, I said it. If you have the means, a small stack of tri-fold paper towels are the safest bet.

Keep a plunger in the room. Dads and uncles frequently require plungers, and it's just one more thing that would be extremely embarrassing to ask the host/ess for. Discreetly stash one in the latrine for such critical moments.

Predict human behavior. People snoop - it's human nature. Hiding your condoms and crazy pills in the mirror cabinet above the sink is not a good plan.

Lighting, lighting, lighting. Nothing says classy like a well-lit bathroom. Something as simple as tea lights can cast a lovely glow even when no one's using the bathroom. Added bonus: An open flame neutralizes unwanted odors.

Follow our advice and you will have happy house guests for the holidays. Best of luck!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Eat Your Heart Out this Holiday Season!

Americans gobble up 46 million turkeys at Thanksgiving. That works out to almost 3 pounds of poultry per person who partakes in the feast, according to statistics from the National Turkey Federation. Come on, people, this is AMERICA. We can do better than that. Here are a few tips on how to maximize your food consumption this holiday season.
1.WRONG: Starving yourself in preparation: if you limit your food intake to lead up to the BIG meal, your stomach will shrink in size to accommodate for that empty space. Poop Spot Tip: eat many small meals/snacks throughout the day to keep yourself full at all times in the few days leading up to the feast. On the morning of the meal, have a small breakfast, and nibble on some crackers to tide you over before the games begin. Your stretched out tummy will be ready for action!
2.WRONG: Drinking lots of water throughout the meal. This may make your full stomach feel better, but it’s actually taking up a LOT more room in there than you’d think. Poop Spot Tip: Limit your liquid intake on the day of the meal, but be VERY liberal on your consumption of fluids in the days leading up to the meal. It’s an easy way to stretch that stomach!
3.WRONG: Eating Slowly: It takes your stomach approximately 20 minutes to communicate with your brain that you are full. Eating slowly allows for that message to be sent to the brain before you’re fully tapped out. Poop Spot Tip: Eating large portions quickly and then taking a break in between will allow you to consume much more– gotta eat what you can before your brain tells you to stop stuffin’ your face!
4.WRONG: Unbuttoning your pants when you feel full. Now, this is definitely a way to free up space, but we can do one better! Poop Spot Tip: Dresses, Skirts, and Expandable Waist Bands. Don’t EVER restrict your stomach’s ability to stretch by wearing form fitting or tight pants. Leave your jeans and belts at home, people. This is a place for spandex, cotton, and ever expanding waist bands. If you’re REALLY committed, you’ll do a little shopping in the maternity section of your local Target before the big day. Yes, I have actually done that.

Avoid too much salt! Is it delicious? YES. But it makes you retain water, which causes bloating and discomfort! This is counterproductive to your food mission.

All joking aside, we here at The Poop Spot want you to eat safely this Holiday season. DO NOT make yourself sick! Listen to your body. When it’s telling you to stop, STOP! And above all else- when it’s telling you to poop, poop. Then email us about it.

Jake O'Connor's, Excelsior, MN

This warm, dark, delicious little pub is located just down the street from the shore of Lake Minnetonka in the sleepy town of Excelsior, MN. This place is authentic in every detail. How can I tell? Because almost every piece of this bar was built by Irish Woodworkers and sent to be assembled here in Minnesota.

This place has one of those menu's where you can close your eyes and point and you'll be happy with wherever your finger lands. Old fashioned Irish Comfort food done right, 16 beers on tap (not just Guinness- remember, this is a REAL Irish pub!), and an ample selection of wine and spirits.

When you're done stuffing yourself with Irish delights, you'll likely need to take a trip to the toilet. If that's the case, then you are in for a treat. The first thing you'll notice upon entering is the pristine state of the entire room. The black ceramic tile on the floors and walls shines and sparkles without so much as a smudge. The mirrors are spotless and the lighting flattering without being so dim as to obstruct your view for reapplying make-up.

Each stall, if you can even call them stalls, is its own private room with a sturdy floor to ceiling wooden door. This is my absolute favorite restroom design. You can operate in total privacy without the chance of anyone hearing you. The stalls are separated from each other by thick walls, also lined with black ceramic tile. Add the piped in music and you could fart an aria and no one would hear a note.

I have to believe that this bathroom holds some ancient Irish magic inside its very walls. Even foul smells cannot survive here, as the captivating scent of homemade Irish cooking wafts in to silently defeat any foreign stench lingering within. Quite honestly, if I could take my meal in this bathroom, I would.

When you finish and make your way back over to the sink you'll be greeted by an ALWAYS stocked basket of plush disposable hand towels, a faucet that NEVER gets too hot, and a collection of old black and white photographs of staunch Irish grandmothers watching over you and certainly praying for your safe return to the outside world.

Jake O'Connor's, I give you the highest rating for your restrooms: 10/10

Jake O'Connor's Public House

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Don't do it!

you have so much to live for!

So Remember, Always Keep in Mind, That Poop is Never Far Behind.

I'm for sure sending my kids to public school :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

World Toilet Day

The Poop Spot brings you news and reviews of toilets world wide, but did you know that nearly 2.6 Billion people live without the luxury of proper sanitation? Try to imagine for a moment a life without your bathroom, without clean running water. That is a reality for a huge portion of our world population.

November 19th is World Toilet Day- a day to raise awareness afor the growing number of people living without sanitation.

"In 2001 WTO declared 19th November World Toilet Day (WTD). Today it is celebrated in over 19 countries with over 51 events being hosted by various water and sanitation advocates.

World Toilet Organization created WTD to raise global awareness of the struggle 2.6 billion face every day without access to proper, clean sanitation.WTD also brings to the forefront the health, emotional and psychological consequences the poor endure as a result of inadequate sanitation.

WTD's popularity is gaining momentum, and in 2010 there were 51 events spanning 19 countries. Our "Big Squat" campaign generated 24 "Big Squats" globally and in Singapore over 600 squatters joined the cause in six locations island-wide. WTO would love to see our day become "The" event that represents the sanitation crisis globally, and we strongly encourage our members, volunteers, the community, media and partners to get behind our cause and support our day."

The World Toilet Organization is working hard to reverse this problem, and you can too!

follow them on twitter for updates on November 19th WORLD TOILET DAY!!/worldtoiletday

Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Circus of Toilet Style!

Consider the fact that an average person visits the toilet 2500 times a year, about six-eight times a day. You spend about three years of your life in the toilet! So, why not make that time a little more interesting with an exciting Novelty Pot? Maybe you can get a few ideas from the following photos!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Attention Campers!

This fabulous camping companion is one of the best ideas I've seen in years! This biodegradable porta-potty is the perfect way to bypass that nasty process of digging a hole to shit in when you're camping. Also, their marketing is adorable!

The Shit Box

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

These Guys Were Up Shit Creek!

This is a story from last week's Star Tribune - I hope these passengers didn't ask for extra hot sauce with their in-flight meal!

Toilet malfunction leaves travelers up in the air

Minnesotans who complained about full toilets on a trans-Atlantic flight say Continental was not exactly gracious about it.
Updated: October 15, 2011 - 7:08 PM

The flight attendants had served dinner, and only about two hours remained on the Continental Airlines nine-hour transatlantic flight when Gail Barnard-Boyum headed for the restroom.
"The toilet was full," recalled Barnard-Boyum, 66, of Peterson, Minn. "You could see the toilet paper. You could see the poop. I couldn't believe it because the smell was so disgusting."
Barnard-Boyum and 13 other Minnesotans were heading home Sept. 14 from Barcelona after a Mediterranean cruise. They discovered that all three toilets in coach class on Flight 121Y were backing up. Some passengers used them anyway. Others refused, and rushed off the plane to find a restroom when it landed in Newark, N.J.
"We were not happy with the experience," said Sharon Sorenson, 68, of St. Michael, Minn. "I am not anxious to fly Continental again."
When contacted by Whistleblower, United/Continental Airlines spokesman Charlie Hobart acknowledged the inconvenience by offering $100 vouchers to affected passengers.
If the toilet malfunction had happened while the plane was stuck on the runway, Continental might have been in violation of federal rules. But there's no similar rule for airplanes with toilet failures in flight.
"To me, it is a bad situation that hasn't been addressed," said Robert Brubaker of the American Restroom Association, a Baltimore-based advocacy group for toilet users.
Of the 14 Minnesotans on the flight, 11 were from Coldwater Creek Townhome Association in St. Michael, including Sharon McDonald, 69, who coordinated the trip. She said if there was an operating toilet, it was in first class, because none of the three in coach were operating. The sister of Barnard-Boyum, she said coach passengers were not allowed to go to the first-class section's toilet.
McDonald said one of the flight attendants told her the problem had happened before and that the toilets may not have been emptied before it took off from Barcelona.
But Hobart, the airline spokesman, said the toilets aboard the flight were properly serviced in Barcelona. All four lavatories on board were "fully functional" but three were filled by the time it landed in Newark, he said. "We understand this was a frustrating experience and it does not reflect what we aim to deliver to our customers," Hobart said.
Carol Menier, 64, said when she called to complain, Continental's representative was "rude" and expressed doubts that the toilets were full and that another passenger was offered a $100 voucher. She eventually got a voucher and said another customer service agent was "really great."
The toilet travail wasn't the first for a Continental transatlantic flight. In 2007, a toilet overflowed on a flight from Amsterdam to Newark, spilling sewage down the aisle, USA Today reported at the time.
Brubaker, of the restroom association, said occasionally he hears of commercial airliners with toilets that do not work. Toilet facilities are required for employees under federal labor regulations, so while flight attendants and pilots can complain to the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, passengers have no recourse, he said. He said the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, which has a mandate to protect public health, should step in.
The Federal Aviation Administration has no jurisdiction over airplane toilets, said Arlene Salac, an agency spokeswoman. She referred Whistleblower to the U.S. Department of Transportation.
Bill Mosley, a DOT spokesman, said there's a new consumer rule that requires carriers ensure lavatories are operable during long tarmac delays. But he said, "There is no federal regulation requiring working lavatories aboard aircraft in flight."

Monday, October 17, 2011

God Bless America and its Restroom Association

Check out this extremely informative and resourceful website of the American Restroom Association - "America's advocate for the availability of clean, safe, well-designed public bathrooms."

They have info on the World Toilet Summit and World Toilet Day (November 19th - mark your calendars!).

Here's their full mission statement - these folks know what they're talkin' about:

The American Restroom Association advocates for the availability of clean, safe, well designed public restrooms(1).  
Our scope of our mission includes:
  • Restroom design and technology,
  • Restroom availability and accessibility,
  • Pertinent legislation and regulations, and
  • Documenting the problems faced by people who hesitate to travel or who avoid activities that put them out of range of proper toilet facilities.
Our goals are to 
  • Generate public relations campaigns that result in positive coverage by the press
  • Address regulatory and legislative weakness
  • Act as a health impact clearing house
  • Survey and develop 'Municipal Friendliness Ratings'
  • Communicate with other similar associations around the world
  • Develop suggestions, brochures and suggested designs
  • Serve as clearing house for companies and individuals promoting these products and designs
  • Develop lines of communication with mall and building managers, architects, builders and other groups


There's another kind of sit-in happening at this very moment all over the country, one which also affects 99% of us. This article from brings up an age-old controversy, one which must be brought into the conversation. Seriously, some of my most stressful minutes have been spent glaring at the girl in line ahead of me at some college town bar bathroom, spending her mental waves telling her she better f-ing hurry up in there or I'm going to lose it as crowds of drunk sorority sisters decide to all go in together and have some kind of fun pee party in there. I'll be honest, I'm not afraid to use the men's room (if it's a single stall), where there is NEVER a line. Why does it take us so long? The sitting down, the wiping, the checking ourselves out in the mirror before reaching for another paper towel to pull open the grimy bathroom door? We're trying to collect some explanations - send us an email and tell us why you think it takes women so much longer to go. Also tell us if you know what "Chtulu" is.
My whole life I have always wanted to know the answer to this question, silly as it may be: Why do women take so long in the bathroom? Are they maybe putting down toilet paper as a protective barrier, doing period-related things, or just enjoying the not-so peaceful moments of time in the ladies' room? Are there scientific studies for this sort of thing? I ask because of recent summer events where there is always broken bathrooms so everyone has to use just one, and the line is always a billion times longer than the guys' line, and I find myself wondering "Why didn't I get up earlier!? I should know by now that it takes at least 10 minutes to get through the line!" I usually try to get the deed done as fast as possible, as public bathrooms at rodeos are awful. But, Lady, why? I must know!
I have no fucking clue! My god, what is with that? I may be biased because I have gotten numerous compliments at bars for how fast I am in the restroom. Seriously, this has happened dozens of times, and my friends are constantly shocked at how fast I excuse myself for the restroom and return to the conversation. So this Lady might not be the right Lady to ask. However, an extremely scientific poll of fellow Ladies tells me that period stuff is one thing and "complicated clothing" is another, though skirts are the easiest thing to pee in and pants really aren't too hard. Are you peeing somewhere where everyone is wearing a romper? A third issue is ladies taking the time to wipe the seat because whoever was before them peed on it. I still have no idea how this happens. Ladies, please, what is it going to take you to stop peeing on the seat?
I can't find any studies about this, but a quick Google search about women and length of pee time actually brings up a fair amount of stuff about men taking longer to pee, so there's that. Related: Is it just me, or does this vaginal diagram on the Female Urination Wikipedia page look like Chtulu?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Now THAT'S Hospitality!

This photo was submitted to me by one of my oldest friends. Thanks for lookin' out, Sam!

This is the lady's room toilet at Nancy's Restaurant on Oak Bluffs Harbor in Martha's Vineyard. Just a lovely place to have a sunset dinner.

You'll notice that the seat is extra large. Much larger than the toilet bowl itself. This decision was made not for aesthetic appeal, but to accommodate the back sides of the restaurant's larger patrons.

Thank You, Nancy's, for thinking of those who are hindered by a sizable back side.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Famous Dave's, Minnetonka, MN

^^We ordered this. It's called: The Feast. It is f-ing awesome.^^

DAMN this was delicious. I had not been to a Famous Dave's in AGES. Is it the best BBQ around? Not by a landslide, but once in a while it really hits the spot. The Minnetonka branch of this franchise is sizable, and being a BBQ joint, having a poop friendly bathroom is a MUST. This place did not let me down.

First of all, it's marked by an enormous sign that can be seen from almost every corner of the restaurant. This is key. When it comes to spicy BBQ, when that urge hits you, there isn't much time. The bathroom has 3 stalls: 2 standard and 1 handicapped. A restaurant this size, in my opinion, should have at least 4, but I didn't let that knock off points.

The room was decorated with a Pocahontas theme set in a serene forest. Sweet renderings of Native American Princesses dipping their toes in a cool stream with deer lapping at the water near by... It was like having woodland Goddesses watch over you as you piss. The music from the restaurant was piped in, which I always love. It sets the tone, and covers up undesirable sounds.

The toilet was incredibly clean and well stocked with 2 full rolls of TP in the dispenser. The seat was plastic, not ceramic, so it wasn't shockingly cold to sit on like an old industrial toilet often is. Not a drop of pee, or other excrement, could be found on this seat. Also, there was a hook for hanging my purse, which just makes my day every time.

When I was finished and ready to wash up I was thrilled to be met by a completely automated hands free sink area. The faucet, soap, and towel dispenser were all motion activated, saving your clean hands from having to touch anything. This was a bit counter productive, however, because both the stall doors and the bathroom door open in, which requires you to put your hand on the door handle to get out. This is an issue because "less than one third of men and two thirds of women wash their hands with soap after going to the toilet." (British study by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine) I am not a germaphobe by any means, but I still think about how many unwashed poopy hands must touch a bathroom door in a popular restaurant, or public restroom on a daily basis.

I was also pleased to hear a good review of the men's room upon returning to my table. The urinal is a single flanked by two stalls to provide maximum privacy and eliminate the possibility of a man lacking any kind of urinal etiquette from pissing right next to you. My dinner mate was quoted to have said he "felt safe" because of this set up.

Rating: 8.5/10

Friday, September 30, 2011

Jet Set, Minneapolis

This, my friends, is my all time favorite bar. It has all of my favorite things: Gays, Dancing, and GENEROUS pours. Getting my boyfriend drunk enough to take off his shirt while sending gay men over to get his number is also a favorite game of mine.

Jet Set Bar

This bar is always clean, the music is always great, and the crowd is always fun. If you're lucky, you can catch the local weatherman Sven dancing in all of his tiny glory with his adoring fans.

As far as bar restrooms go, this one is actually very impressive. It is located in the back of the bar, which does cause some issues with navigating crowds. The sink area is outside of the restrooms, so there isn't much crowding around where you're doing your business. Open the door to find a single stall with a plush little stool outside of it. Now, this can be great or terrible. Great: If you don't like to go into a bar bathroom alone there is a place for your gal pal to sit while you go. Terrible: If you're in there by yourself and a stranger comes in and decides to wait sitting on that stool while you're trying to relieve yourself.

The restroom itself is always clean and well stocked. I have to attribute some of this to the fact that I am often one of very few women actually in the bar. That said, however, I am glad that this restroom is not neglected. Jet Set is catering to the needs of all of its patrons, and for that I am grateful.

The restroom is juxtaposed right behind the DJ booth, so the loud bumping music and base will mask 99% of sounds emitted during your visit. This is always a points booster for me, as I am living in constant fear of ripping a large fart on the bowl that echoes through the silence and reaches the ears of everyone within a 5 mile radius. I know this is a little unreasonable, but most phobias are. (PS: If you know the term for Fear of Farting, please submit to!)

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Friday, September 23, 2011

What's Your Poo Telling You?

This reference guide was gifted to me for my birthday by a lovely man, coworker, and friend (Thanks, Theo!) and I am here to shout its excellence from the rooftops.

What's Your Poo Telling You? is a pocket sized resource guide outlining (with detail, and often illustrations!) our various bowel movements and what they are telling us about our bodies. Written by Josh Richman and Anish Sheth, M.D., this cleverly phrased medical reference is as accurate as it is hilarious.

It is my professional opinion that any and all restrooms in your home are equipped with this little book.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Too legit to quit

Why? Because TPS rocks a QR code, MFer's! Be on the lookout for these bad boys all about town.

Now That Borders Is Closed, Where Do We Poop...?

I'm sure all of you know by now that the long standing book store franchise, Borders Books, has closed its doors after nearly 40 years of operation. Naturally, this end of a cozy place that provided millions with timeless classics, cook books, travel guides, and Harry Potter brings to mind a very important question: Where will we poop?

Shoppers, errand-runners, and city strollers alike have been stopping into Borders Books for a quick deuce since the franchise expanded nationally. That quiet single stalled restroom tucked away in some uncharted corner of the self help section was a safe place to slip in, drop a Dumpledore, and slip out completely unnoticed. The miracle of it all was that the bathroom seems to always be vacant, as though there was some sort of unspoken schedule shared by the universe.

Now we wander aimlessly without that safe haven, that beacon of rescue, and we wonder where we are to go.

Well, The Poop Spot has a few suggestions that we only hope will ease the pain of this terrible loss.

1. The Library There's something about the peace and serenity of being surrounded by literature that sets the tone for taking care of business. Also, you can rest assured that people are too deeply involved in their reading to notice you enter the restroom, let alone how long you're in there or how much noise you're making.

2. The Grocery Store A restroom is usually the last thing on a person's mind when shopping for food. Most grocery store restrooms go unused, mostly because they are very difficult to locate within the store. Ask a clerk to save yourself the search, but I assure you - It'll be vacant.

3. The Mall Some of the classiest, cleanest, most comfortable restrooms I have ever had the pleasure of crapping in are located in a Mall. I prefer to use a department store restroom. Something about walking through a Pepto Bismol pink lounge with a chaise and a chandelier makes me feel like a Queen. Best of all, it's totally public and no one cares that you're not buying a thing.

4. Campus Buildings Now, you can really only get away with this if you're under the age of 35, but it's a great solution if you live in a college city. I work in a neighborhood set on the outskirts of the University of Minnesota campus and am virtually surrounded by bustling campus buildings with lobby bathrooms. With students of various ages coming and going with great frequency throughout the day, one can blend right in and slip into one of the many a restrooms in the building, usually located on the first floor. Maybe even hit up that coffee shop on the second floor of the Carlson School Of Management when you're done...

So there you have it, a small gift of knowledge that will help you in your ever evolving search for the best public, or semi-public restrooms in this world.

And special thanks to Theo for sparking this topic of conversation. Get your sticker request in ASAP, buddy.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Questions Answered

Thank God there are people out there answering the hard-hitting questions that so often go unanswered.

Thanks for this discovery, Lucy!

Taking A Poop: Facts and Questions Answered

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The World's Best

In case it's not clear yet, I love a good bathroom. When reminiscing about my travels, often the details that stick out most in my mind are the personal facilities that I encounter. Some are glamorous, others torturous. Asian bathrooms can generally be placed in the latter category, but Europeans know how to do it right.

Two cans of distinction stand out in my mind as the best the world has to offer, both swanky hotel lobby ladies' rooms:

First place: Claridge's Hotel in Mayfair, London

Not the lobby bathroom, but you get the idea. And that ain't no ¡Bidet Ole!

This hotel is the best London has to offer. As my mother repeated a minimum of 450 times during our happy hour in the bar, "This place is SO. CLASSY." The lobby itself warrants a few minutes of open-mouthed awe -- the tiled floor! the velvet seating! the crystal! the marble! the molding! And my god, the art deco.

As this particular trip was several years ago, I don't remember the finer points of the restroom, save for a few things. The hand soap smells better than Chanel, you could eat off of the toilet seat (not that I recommend it), I'm pretty sure the TP was eleven-ply, and when you ask the concierge where the loo is, he wordlessly leads you directly to it.

The men's room - even the urinal anti-splash screens are classy! (The women's room is way better, trust)
Drool over their class-drenched website here.
Rating: 18/10

Runner-up: Hotel Grande Bretagne in Athens, Greece

A decent view, if you're into the Acropolis and that sort of thing.

This modest little gem is where I spent 20 Euros on a martini to celebrate my 21st birthday (I could only afford one - tragic!). Their rooftop bar offers bubbly cocktails and soothing breeze to help you forget about all the plebeians scurrying below.

Part of the lobby. Yes, part.
If you're actually staying in an $8 per night hostel six blocks away, it's best to show your face around the lobby a couple of times so that the doormen recognize you before casually slipping down the velvet staircase to the lower-level lounge four times a day. I think by the end of week in Athens, the concierge tipped his cap to us every time we entered (just to use the bathroom, of course, but he didn't need to know that).

A "classic room" commode
This particular restroom comes in handy for the weary backpacker. Lots of seating (aside from the toilets), luxurious soaps and lotions to refresh yourself with. Amenities are Gilchrist & Soames, which I gather are quite expensive. Because the bathroom is downstairs and out of the way of lobby traffic, its seclusion offers a tranquil environment for the shy among us. Each marbled stall is its own little bathroom, complete with sink and mirror. This situation is ideal if you need a little extra privacy to do your deed. Actually, I managed to lock myself in one of these precious little privies. Thank god I wasn't traveling alone, and my companion heard my screams for help (she was seconds away from summoning the concierge, which certainly would have exposed our scheme). I suppose if I had to be trapped in any confined space, it would definitely be this one.

Better not look at their website unless you're planning a trip, because you might cry.
Rating: 12/10

Monday, September 12, 2011

A Sincere Thanks

Hey Poopers!

We really want to show our gratitude for your encouragement and support of The Poop Spot. To show we care, we'd love to feature some fans on the web page. Send us a photo of where you've stuck your sticker, or you posing with your sticker, and we'll post it to the site.

Don't have a sticker yet? What the hell is wrong with you, they're FREE.

To request a sticker, send you name and address to

We're too small of an organization to spam you or sell your info, so chill out.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Enjoy this incredibly brilliant video on how to remedy the dreaded "Poop Splash." Don't pretend you don't know what we're talking about.

Damn, that cat is cute.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Shorty's - Des Moines, Iowa

Tucked away in a foreboding alleyway on the 200 block of Court Avenue, the lower level of Sbrocco Wine Bar is a sweet little basement bar for those in the know. A generous bartender is among my favorite things (second only to an amiable hotel concierge), and Shorty's does not disappoint. They recently remodeled, and I have to say, its swank level has increased tenfold. Gone are the awkwardly positioned leather couches (horrible for bare legs in the summer heat), in with a longer, more accessible bar and better lighting (save for the lone green lightbulb dangling above an always-vacant booth - we understand that this bar is supposed to look Irish, but not even Megan Fox looks good bathed in green light).
Shorty's, pre-remodel - note the awkward leather couch

When those cheap and hearty drinks start flowing through your bladder, the well-maintained single-room latrine is close at hand. Its soft vanilla scent welcomes you into the spacious room, ideal for when four of your friends accompany you to the ladies' room. The slide handle lock on the door is pretty janky, but reliable. The attempt at decor, it must be said, was a lazy one; however, exposed wires in the ceiling are about the most offensive thing you'll find here.

A word of warning to gossip queens: The wall between the toilet and the farthest corner booth is a very thin one, and conversations on one side or the other are easily discernible.

Rating: 8.5/10

Check out their website here for a more specific location.

Facebook Fan Page

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TPS Headquarters

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Great Minnesota Get Together

Over this absolutely gorgeous Labor Day weekend, my pals and I ventured over to St. Paul to attend the Minnesota State Fair. This year we decided that it would be wise to download the MN State Fair iPhone app. Thank God we did! The ease with which we located desired food stands, sights, animals, rides, and music made the fair a leisurely and enjoyable experience. I won't attend again without this handy guide, and I recommend it to any and all fair-goers.

After making my way through a pronto pup, cheese curds, a scotch egg, Australian Fried Potatoes (still have no idea what made them Australian...), pork chop on a stick, grilled sweet corn, salad on a stick, candy bar on a stick, a large heping of Sweet Martha's Cookies, all you can drink milk (which was about half a glass for me), Summit's Beer on a Stick, and funnel cake- I needed to free up some space in my certainly wounded digestive tract.

I wandered over to the first restroom I could find. The line was extremely long, which was to be expected. This is usually a negative factor that goes along with public restrooms in crowded places, but you forget- we're at the fair! There was a parade of freaks, fatties, and abnormally unattractive people to keep one quite entertained- as well as an incredibly drunk man being all too pushy about us ladies heading into the Men's room instead... I did not oblige his request.

Upon entering I noticed very harsh lighting, which, cast upon the motley crew of fair-goers in my company, seemed to amplify every mark, bulge, and missing tooth. I finally spotted an open stall and approached, pleased to see that the doors open out instead of in, leaving lots of room to navigate my multitude of bags full of free shit that I had accumulated.

I usually don't bother, but I did need to wipe off the seat before sitting. The flush of this toilet is so strong that it casts an unwelcome spray out of the bowl, misting the seat and your back side (if you're one to flush before getting up). I assume this is to accommodate for the rigorous work these toilets must do just to choke down the masses of crap that enter them each day.

Considering how much crap MUST be produced in these stalls, the smell was not offensive. This, however, can be attributed to the large population of livestock inhabiting the surrounding area. A short time at the fair and your nose has adjusted to this scent that masks almost every other smell there (except mini donuts...).

The waiting crowd can often cause stage fright and anxiety in a pooper. Not here! The echoing noise of the ladies inside the restroom combined with the noise of the crowd outside created the perfect cover. I could have played a vuvuzela in there and none would be the wiser.

After my work was done, I exited my stall where I was greeted by a clean sink and mirror well stocked with both soap and paper towels. All in all, I was incredibly impressed with the fair staff for keeping the bathroom surprisingly clean and well stocked. That could not possibly be an easy task.

Rating: 7/10


Keep an eye out for these bad boys at your favorite restaurant locations! If you see one, hurry to the web site for the review!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011


The stickers are in! For those of you who requested, they'll be in the mail tomorrow! For those of you who have NOT - wtf? E-mail your request to

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


In Galena, Illinois! Thanks, Maureen!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Boondocks - Williams, IA

I recently had the exciting opportunity to switch drivers near Williams, Iowa, on my way to a wedding. We pulled over at the Boondocks Truck Haven Cafe on Interstate 35. My first clue that we had chosen a gem was the rusty VW Beetle parked in the garden with grass growing out of the top. The second clue was the smell of delicious chili wafting from the cafe, overpowering even the staple Iowa manure odor.

Inside the truck stop, the women's room is helpfully marked as "around the corner." The bathroom is a bit cramped with some awkward angles. I suspect the ladies' latrine was built as an afterthought - perhaps the contractor forgot that sometimes women come to truck stops, too. There are two shower stalls, in case you've been hauling for a few days and need to rinse the road grime off ya. As un-handicap accessible as the bathroom is, there is one handicap stall and one normal stall. I chose the normal side, and immediately wished I hadn't because my knees hit the door when I sat down. This stall is not for the long-legged nor the wide-waisted. But I did have a bit of good luck - there was a live cricket in the bathroom, which made for some lovely natural white noise. The single-ply paper was unsurprising, but it did the job. I was also disappointed at the lack of offensive vandalism which always makes for good reading. Hopefully there's more of that in the men's room. I guess lady truckers have cleaner minds and are less inclined to deface private property.

Spacious it is not, but for a truck stop in the middle of Iowa, the Boondocks provides a sanitary (enough) latrine for when you tire of relieving yourself into empty Mountain Dew bottles.

Rating: 6/10

Who knew there were so many rules?

I had a thought while browsing the web this past week. We run this site as women and have very little knowledge to offer our male readers in regards to proper bathroom etiquette.

After doing a little digging, I stumbled upon this fantastic site. It answer all of your men's room questions, and then some! It also makes me wish even more that I could pee standing up. How cool would that be...

The International Center for Bathroom Etiquitte

Thursday, August 25, 2011


This magic spray is a permanent fixture in the restroom at my work place. Just spritz a modest portion into the bowl before you get to work and no smell will be detected other than a lemon freshness. I can tell you from EXTENSIVE personal experience that this wonder-spray works! The bottle is small enough that you could even carry it along in your purse for public evacuations.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Boston Understands!

Understands just how important it is to equip its city dwellers with such useful information as to where they can locate a clean toilet, that is!

Check out this article!

Asian Innovation

The following experience was submitted by a world traveler and faithful reader. She came upon this restroom while at an airport in Japan. Thanks, Maureen!

Helpful visual aid portraying the abilities of the toilet:

Interactive arm rest with a delightful selection of high-tech novelties:

"The overall experience of this restroom in Japan was quite lovely for an industrial high-traffic area. Not only does the toilet do its job, but it creates a spa-like experience with heated seat, cleansing options, and an opportunity to use an electronic flushing sound if needed. I would recommend using any bathroom with these signs, even if you don't need to go..."

I don't know about you, but the "Electronic Flushing Sound" feature sounds incredibly useful for masking unsavory flatulence. Well done, Japan! I knew all of the brilliant engineers populating you were bound to create some real magic.

Rating: 9/10

Lucy's Pick: Mellow Mushroom - Denver, CO

I'd like to share with you one of my favorite abodes in Denver. The Mellow Mushroom (located on the 16th Street Mall at Lawrence) provides immaculate and futuristic accommodations for when the mood strikes.

I was recently there with a couple friends for some late-night pickle vodka shots (seriously, not as bad as it sounds). The overall ambiance is a little trippy, maybe a tad too Jerry Garcia for my taste. However, as soon as that pickle vodka and goat cheese pepperoni pizza goes through your gut, you're going to be looking for a place to void.

The latrines are encased in a metallic room which shines with sanitation. I was initially impressed with the cleanliness and emptiness of the restroom, but then again, I was there on a Tuesday night when there weren't more than three female patrons to begin with. However, the scarcity of fellow pee-ers was maybe what appealed to me the most. Minimal echo, copious TP, and (the best part of all!) a Dyson AirBlade hand dryer made for one helluva latrine. I WISH I'd had to go #2 - what a treat that would have been!!

Check out their website here.

Rating: 9.5/10

Free Shit!

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Now Accepting Your Input!

Hello, poopers!

From here on out, we will be accepting your news and reviews regarding bathrooms worldwide! Please share anything and everything by emailing us at

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Get out there, get involved, and above all else - get poopin'.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Let me introduce myself...

Hello! My name is Lucy, the newest contributor to the Poop Spot. I'm very happy to be here.

My qualifications are vast, as I regularly use public bathrooms and seriously enjoy a clean, well-lit vestibule with quality 2+ ply paper and a good amount of privacy. This last sentiment is very personal to me, as I suffer from paruresis (or shy bladder, to the layperson). I've been affected by this terrible illness since my high school years, and no amount of plugging my ears or humming to myself ever seems to help. My favorite commodes are surrounded by floor-to-ceiling walls with limited echo and maximum anonymity.

Another reason why I love a good bathroom is that I believe I've experienced some of the worst toilets in the world - southeast Asian toilets. I spent a year teaching and traveling around China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. And let me tell ya, now I can pop a squat ANYWHERE, given that it's quiet and I'm completely alone. Now, the "Western toilet" (Asians say with a sneer) has never looked better to me. I am looking forward to having an outlet to judge them regularly! (See, my toilet humor has already started.)


Welcome, Lucy!

Hello, Blogosphere! I'd like to welcome a brand new contributor to The Poop Spot, Lucy! She'll be updating us from beautiful Denver Colorado. So, stay tuned, and book that long awaited tour-de-poop spots, because we're gonna have some doosies for ya.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Will, Thank You!

I would like to take a moment to thank my father for sharing this incredible bathroom find, discovered at Billy and Madeline's Red Room in Parsippany, New Jersey.

Enjoy Your Blow Job, indeed.