Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jake O'Connor's, Excelsior, MN

This warm, dark, delicious little pub is located just down the street from the shore of Lake Minnetonka in the sleepy town of Excelsior, MN. This place is authentic in every detail. How can I tell? Because almost every piece of this bar was built by Irish Woodworkers and sent to be assembled here in Minnesota.

This place has one of those menu's where you can close your eyes and point and you'll be happy with wherever your finger lands. Old fashioned Irish Comfort food done right, 16 beers on tap (not just Guinness- remember, this is a REAL Irish pub!), and an ample selection of wine and spirits.

When you're done stuffing yourself with Irish delights, you'll likely need to take a trip to the toilet. If that's the case, then you are in for a treat. The first thing you'll notice upon entering is the pristine state of the entire room. The black ceramic tile on the floors and walls shines and sparkles without so much as a smudge. The mirrors are spotless and the lighting flattering without being so dim as to obstruct your view for reapplying make-up.

Each stall, if you can even call them stalls, is its own private room with a sturdy floor to ceiling wooden door. This is my absolute favorite restroom design. You can operate in total privacy without the chance of anyone hearing you. The stalls are separated from each other by thick walls, also lined with black ceramic tile. Add the piped in music and you could fart an aria and no one would hear a note.

I have to believe that this bathroom holds some ancient Irish magic inside its very walls. Even foul smells cannot survive here, as the captivating scent of homemade Irish cooking wafts in to silently defeat any foreign stench lingering within. Quite honestly, if I could take my meal in this bathroom, I would.

When you finish and make your way back over to the sink you'll be greeted by an ALWAYS stocked basket of plush disposable hand towels, a faucet that NEVER gets too hot, and a collection of old black and white photographs of staunch Irish grandmothers watching over you and certainly praying for your safe return to the outside world.

Jake O'Connor's, I give you the highest rating for your restrooms: 10/10

Jake O'Connor's Public House

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