Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Shorty's - Des Moines, Iowa

Tucked away in a foreboding alleyway on the 200 block of Court Avenue, the lower level of Sbrocco Wine Bar is a sweet little basement bar for those in the know. A generous bartender is among my favorite things (second only to an amiable hotel concierge), and Shorty's does not disappoint. They recently remodeled, and I have to say, its swank level has increased tenfold. Gone are the awkwardly positioned leather couches (horrible for bare legs in the summer heat), in with a longer, more accessible bar and better lighting (save for the lone green lightbulb dangling above an always-vacant booth - we understand that this bar is supposed to look Irish, but not even Megan Fox looks good bathed in green light).
Shorty's, pre-remodel - note the awkward leather couch

When those cheap and hearty drinks start flowing through your bladder, the well-maintained single-room latrine is close at hand. Its soft vanilla scent welcomes you into the spacious room, ideal for when four of your friends accompany you to the ladies' room. The slide handle lock on the door is pretty janky, but reliable. The attempt at decor, it must be said, was a lazy one; however, exposed wires in the ceiling are about the most offensive thing you'll find here.

A word of warning to gossip queens: The wall between the toilet and the farthest corner booth is a very thin one, and conversations on one side or the other are easily discernible.

Rating: 8.5/10

Check out their website here for a more specific location.

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