Monday, October 17, 2011

God Bless America and its Restroom Association

Check out this extremely informative and resourceful website of the American Restroom Association - "America's advocate for the availability of clean, safe, well-designed public bathrooms."

They have info on the World Toilet Summit and World Toilet Day (November 19th - mark your calendars!).

Here's their full mission statement - these folks know what they're talkin' about:

The American Restroom Association advocates for the availability of clean, safe, well designed public restrooms(1).  
Our scope of our mission includes:
  • Restroom design and technology,
  • Restroom availability and accessibility,
  • Pertinent legislation and regulations, and
  • Documenting the problems faced by people who hesitate to travel or who avoid activities that put them out of range of proper toilet facilities.
Our goals are to 
  • Generate public relations campaigns that result in positive coverage by the press
  • Address regulatory and legislative weakness
  • Act as a health impact clearing house
  • Survey and develop 'Municipal Friendliness Ratings'
  • Communicate with other similar associations around the world
  • Develop suggestions, brochures and suggested designs
  • Serve as clearing house for companies and individuals promoting these products and designs
  • Develop lines of communication with mall and building managers, architects, builders and other groups

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